2m Spring VHF Sprint

I went up to Brush Mountain last night (EM97sg) to take part in the first spring sprint this year, on 2m. I used my Kenwood TR-9000 rig along with the Mirage B-108 80W amplifier, and operated out of the back of my Jeep. For an antenna, I got my Cushcraft 13B2 up and running, which seemed to work quite well. All in all, I made 14 QSO’s with the farthest being FN01xt up in northern PA.

Now off to get my 222 Transverter (W7BAS variety) up and running again for next week!


  1. lol nerd lol. 😀

  2. MOTOTRBO Kenny says:

    220 SSB SEA Equipment. If you are still interested I do have a complete system for sale repraters and mbso. Please contact me via email

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