222 MHz, The Homebrew Way

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi mike, Maybe you can help me out. I have been looking to get onto 220 ssb for a while also, as i have 6,2 and 432 just need 220 :).. I was looking at W!GHZ’s 220 transverter for the 817, but like you I want more than the mw power output to put into another amplifier. I have tried several times to get my hands on the m67723 rf mosfet but every time I have they were out of them at that time. Is there any way you could look at the schematic given for that transverter and tell me the approiate part numbers/part numberss or changes needed including the bias circuit to the circuit to make one of the following chips work.
    Mitsubishi part #RA07M2127M, 20 mw in – 7w out class C, M68707L 20 mw in – 7w out class AB
    tnks Mike


  2. Mike KC7NOA says:

    Why not use the RA30H2127M 30W for 50mW drive .. can be used for SSB with bias control …

    I use a UHFSDR for HF, VHF and uhf and SHF bands ….

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