I’ve always been interested in the upper UHF and microwave amateur radio bands (900 MHz and up).  Unfortunately, nobody actually makes full-on radios for these bands (save for 1.2 GHz, and they’re expensive).  This leaves the curious amateur with two options:  build a radio, or build a converter to allow common radios to operate at higher frequencies.  The second option, obviously, is simpler and the route I decided to take.

I recently discovered W1GHZ’s multiband transverter project.  Essentially, his goal was to build inexpensive transverters that worked “well enough”–and ones that had an interchangeable LO to keep costs down.  Since I already own commercial 900 MHz gear that works on the 902-928 amateur band, I decided to order the 902 MHz transverter kit.  I should get the boards and parts in soon, and I’ll post again once I get it assembled and tested.  Here’s hoping it works well!

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